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Marriage & Family Therapist Couples Counselor

Welcome To Your New Life!


 Dr. Dwight D. LaVan, LMFCT

There are various viewpoints when is comes to spiritual beliefs, and that's perfectly okay. We are not supposed to have the same viewpoints, we are all different people that make up one body. I realized this firsthand when I first discovered my spiritual gifts. I had no idea what was going on or why it was happening just like I dreamt. I couldn't explain how I knew, what I knew. I always believed that God’s power was limitless (just like His love for His creations). I couldn’t deny that God truly had a calling on my life, Jesus truly did love me, and that The Holy Spirit did bestow great gifts upon me. Brothers & sisters, I am not worthy of this calling on my own accord. However, I am worthy because He said so, and so are you.


     Truly, I tell you that I am but a sinner, that has chosen to put his faith in Christ, while helping all of God’s people, the best way I can. My friend, we are all on different paths in life, it is not my job to correct you, it is my job to meet you right where you are, and help you go as far as you can. That is what makes this journey so beautiful, the fact that we are not all the same, but can still come together as one. Will you allow me the opportunity to serve you, and your family?

My Ideal Clients-

Will typically be those struggling with relationship/marital issues, anxiety, depression, past traumas, lack of motivation, trust issues, communication, and grief. In the first session we delve deep into the problem, to figure out exactly what's going on. Most of my clients see a steady lifting of symptoms within the first month, and a healthy sustained improvement thereafter.

I Specialize In The Following  Non- Judgemental Counseling:

Marriage & Relationship

Individual Counseling

Substance Abuse






STI Counseling

Childhood Abandonment & Neglect



License & Insurance Information-


Licensed Marriage & Family Christian Therapist - LMFCT



I do accept most commercial insurances, however, I am an out of network provider. I can provide you with a superbill which you could use to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier. I do honor certain in-network insurance plans at the in-network level, please call my office for more details.


*Please be advised of the following*

" The counseling sessions provider here are all done virtually, via phone or zoom, and from the comfort of your own home, office, or car! There is no need to ruin your therapeutic session in traffic heading back home, or wondering if someone saw you leaving the office."


My Therapeutic Approach

Welcome, please click on the link below, to be directed to my YouTube video going over my therapeutic approach.

Couple Showing Affection

My Services!

It's Time To Flourish!

Head in Hands Marriage & Family Therapist Couples Counselor

Individual Counseling- 

Insurance Accepted, Self-Pay Rate Available.

In these sessions I help you to learn how to do the following: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference, living one day at a time; enjoying one moment at a time; taking this world as it is and not as I would have it; trusting that You will make all things right if I surrender to Your will; so that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with You forever in the next.

− Reinhold Niebuhr 

Happy Family Marriage & Family Therapist Couples Counselor

Marriage or Relationship Counseling- 

Insurance Accepted, Self-Pay Rate Available.

These counseling sessions are for those who are on the brink of a divorce or break up and just want their happy family back. If you are willing to receive the help that is needed, I am willing to provide it.

Stressed Woman Marriage & Family Therapist Couples Counselor

Grief or Divorce Counseling-

Insurance Accepted, Self-Pay Rate Available.

These counseling sessions are for those who are struggling with the side effects of going through a divorce or are currently dealing with any form of grief. By now, I am sure that you understand that going through a divorce is just like losing a loved one. In a sense, it is, as the life you once knew is now over. However, that doesn't mean that you can't get past it, you don't have to remain stuck in the past for years (like I did), you can and will move on and eventually you will find love again. I did, I am here to help you do the same if you are willing and ready to receive the help.

Marriage & Family Therapist Couples Counselor

Free Discovery Call!

 Free 15 Minute Phone  Conversation 

This is an opportunity for you and I, to see how well we mesh. This is a free no obligation 15 minute consultation, between two human beings that are looking to make things better. I will be my authentic self, and it is my hope that you will do the same, as this is the only way for us to truly make an accurate and informed decision. This is also an opportunity for you to discuss the goals you are wanting to achieve with therapy, and for me to tell you how I can help you accomplish them. I will also go over insurance pricing, self-pay rates, payment options, and more. This is a worry free phone call, so don’t put it off any longer, schedule your call today.

Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

It was a very wonderful experience working with Minister Dwight. I appreciate his time and the advice that he offers. His counseling skills are amazing! I was feeling  pretty bad about my situation before coming to him. I am now well on the road to the healing that I needed.  Thanks always Minister.

Veyola Johnson 

I had a few relationship coaching sessions with Dwight, a couple of years ago. When I was going through a tough breakup, he was able to coach me in the right direction. I wasn't feeling great about who I was within that relationship, he helped me to understand that I don't have to save anyone, and it's not my obligation either. He helped me to point out some things in me, that I didn't even know I had. I took my pain and turned it into purpose! I found the career that I wanted within the medical field and I just landed my dream job, I truly believe that this wouldn't have been possible without Dwight's coaching and believing in me. I would highly recommend Dwight, for a relationship coach.

Michelle D

Wow thank you so much for my personal spiritual reading. It was so on point, and truly needed. I really appreciate it ❤️💕

Anabel O

Hi, I had a personal spiritual reading with Dwight, he was really spot on, what I loved about his style of reading was that he was patient, took his time to touch on the various aspects of sections that I am struggling with. Thank you so much for your time. Stay blessed 

M Blissed

I had a life coaching session here, and let me tell you this, it was amazing! I signed up for the 3 month package as it was affordable and fit well into my budget. I really liked the fact that they work with you there.

Ty Costrini

He is truly an amazing counselor he was able to help me bring out the much needed light that had been buried so deep in me from past hurt and pain. I would recommend Minister Dwight hands down to anyone that would like a non-judgmental spiritual counselor. 

Libby Ables

"I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better."

Maya Angelou

Counseling, Marriage counseling, relationship counseling, pastoral counseling, spiritual counseling , prophetic reading, prophet, psychic, medium, grief, gried counseling , HIV, AIDS, Herpes

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Open Monday -Friday. Nights & Weekend Appointments Are Available!


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